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All of the medical moments along the way can be trying, but sometimes it helps remind us whats most important in life and bring us closer to one another. Its easy to fear how having a child with spina bifida might impact a family. The children with spina bifida ive known have some of the most loving, protective and dedicated siblings. Im often reminded that the joy within a child with spina bifida is often what gives us the strength to get through the trials that come with living with spina bifida. One thing is for sure: Children with spina bifida are just as beautiful as any other child. Some may question the quality of life of a person living with spina bifida. Children born with spina bifida often go on to lead amazing lives, and hold careers as doctors, teachers, nurses, musicians and writers. Many born with spina bifida are also among the most ambitious and adventurous individuals ive ever met.

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therapy to help build the strength in their lower extremities. Sometimes, living with spina bifida is part of what makes them more determined individuals. All of the challenges they might experience with their mobility wont keep them from living a great life. Those who are able to take steps without support certainly learn to appreciate every single step. Spina bifida is a complex birth defect, and though a person may have mobility early in life, more complicated surgeries may be required on the spine, which may further impact their mobility. These kids are also some of the bravest kids ive ever met. Some children only require one or two surgeries when they are first born, and others end up needing many more surgeries and spending countless nights in the hospital. Children with spina bifida are often blessed with families who provide the most unconditional love for their children.

So much so that we nearly gave up on his life, but instead, we decided to vertebral give him a chance. Over the past three years, my son Chance has inspired me in ways I never imagined possible, something all parents of a child with spina bifida might say about their child. As a photographer, i found myself documenting his life and learning that he was born perfectly made, despite the imperfections we once feared. Over the past three years, my sons story has inspired many, and ive come to meet so many other families affected by spina bifida. In 2011, i began to photograph other children born with spina bifida in hopes of creating awareness and supporting our local spina bifida community. I hope that by sharing some information about spina bifida, along with some of the images captured over the past three years, that I might be able to further redefine spina bifida. Hopefully, this may help you learn a bit more about this birth defect that affects more than 166,000 Americans. Most individuals born with spina bifida face mobility challenges. Usually, the severity of mobility loss is based on the location of the childs lesion on their spine, how large it is and how many nerves it may have impacted. Spina bifida is often referred to as a snowflake condition, meaning that no two individuals will ever be impacted identically. Many parents fear that their children born with spina bifida may never walk, and its true some are born paralyzed due to their birth defect.

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Redefining, spina bifida, although spina bifida is one of the most intepaturi common, permanently disabling birth defects, most people know very little about. Many families affected by spina bifida are working on finding ways to help redefine. Just over three years ago, my life was changed when I received the diagnosis that our baby boy would be born with spina bifida. Some time in the first 28 days after conception his spine didnt fully form. He was born with an opening in his spine that required surgery when he was only 4 hours old. Hes since endured a total of 12 surgeries and has spent more than a month of his life in the hospital. I have to admit, three years ago, our family was frightened to learn all of the complications that could happen with a child born with spina bifida.

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Her daughters passed the mutated gene on to members of the royal families of Germany, spain, and Russia. Alexandra, queen Victoria's granddaughter, who became Tsarina of Russia in the early steekjes 20th century when she married Tsar Nicholas ii, was a carrier. Their son, the Tsarevich Alexei, suffered from hemophilia.

Hemophilia is the most common X-linked genetic disease. Although it is much rarer, a girl can have hemophilia, but she would have to have the defective gene on both of her X chromosomes or have one hemophilia gene plus a lost or defective copy of the second X chromosome that should be carrying. If a girl has one copy of the defective gene on one of her X chromosomes and a normal second X chromosome, she does not have hemophilia but is said to be heterozygous for hemophilia (a carrier). Her male children have a 50 chance of inheriting the one mutated X gene and thus have a 50 chance of inheriting hemophilia from their carrier mother. Hemophilia, a occurs in about 1 out of every 5000 live male births. Hemophilia, a and b occurs in all racial groups. Hemophilia, a is about four times more common than. B occurs in about 1 out of 20- 30,000 live male births. Hemophilia has been called the royal Disease because queen thrombozyten Victoria, queen of England from 1837 to 1901, was a carrier.

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Hemophilia is not one disease but rather one of a group of inherited bleeding disorders that cause abnormal or exaggerated bleeding and poor blood clotting. The term is most commonly used to refer to two specific conditions known as hemophilia, a and hemophilia, b, which will be the main subjects of this article. Hemophilia, a and b are distinguished by the specific gene that is mutated (altered to become defective) and codes for a defective clotting factor (protein) in each disease. Rarely, hemophilia, c (a deficiency of Factor XI) lendenwirbelsäule is encountered, but its effect on clotting is far less pronounced than a. Hemophilia, a and b are inherited in an X-linked recessive genetic pattern and are therefore much more common in males. This pattern of inheritance means that a given gene on the x chromosome expresses itself only when there is no normal gene present. For example, a boy has only one x chromosome, so a boy with hemophilia has the defective gene on his sole x chromosome (and so is said to be hemizygous for hemophilia ).

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